miércoles, 16 de febrero de 2011

Shantijaz Info, Bio and Contact

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             Shantijaz is the result of a beautifull sotry , full of travels and adventures, started in 2010.
          A musician from a little island in the atlantic see, that started to travel with 18 years old over Europe. 6 years after 2010, Carlo Cattano arrives to Turkey, and meet in Istanbul Metehan Cifci and Ulas cibuk, also artists and travellers originally from turkey.
         After this meeting, they decide to make music toghether, in the streets of Istanbul, with their instruments,why not? The  Didgeridoo, The iranian Santoor and  the Daf Drum.

         In the first seconds of that first 5 minutes of playing in street the people was tottaly stopped, more than the half of a big street was blocked, people has open eyes and hearths,there is a perfect circle of people, and Shantijaz is playing for the first time, as if they knew each other from long ago.

       The music is coming slowly out ,like a big but calm river in spring. The energy is that much high that makes people fall in Trance, Oriental flavours surrounded by a deep ancient bass.

       ...A full night recording in a studio, then the first baby was born , Pangea , young and fresh , a record where you can feel how that magic was working in the first moments of meeting, recorded without any additives

              2011 is the first Travel of Shantijaz to Europe Performing in many European capitals and Festivals the incredible feedback recived, not only in Turkey  but also  in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Swizzerland etc, reveals that shantijaz is not only a musical fenomenon near the home land of their instruments , but everywhere.

Now the group has grown, in the live recordings you can feel that now they talk as good friends with the music, talking to the hearths of the people with a music without any need of words.

2012 - Shantijaz is pleased to  recive Demir Asaad , artist and music student in Istanbul, as the new percusionist. Cajon , Bendir , djembe are invited now to jump into the didgeridoo and the santoor,now that they have their own language developed, that much that they could play with eyes closed.  

The last recordings of shantijaz rehearsals, are already another step higher, the same concept rise the next level, A sweet taste of what will come in next concerts and new album!
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